Brilliant Selling:

Brilliant Selling, first published in 2009, is now in its second edition with over 100 5* reviews on Amazon. It has sold over 70,000 copies worldwide and is translated into 12 languages. The book is targeted at all sales people whether you are part of a large corporate sales team or are selling in an SME environment. Importantly, it is also designed for the owner/manager community where a technical expert might need to be able to create a need for their product or service and sell effectively. The book is based on research into highly effective sales people and provides a practical ‘how to’ guide for the entire sales cycle and is packed full of practical tips and approaches to maximise your sales effectiveness.

The Financial Times Guide to Business Training:

Most training doesn’t work! With companies investing significant money in designing and delivering, either internally or using external training resource, training courses it is surprising what little tangible return they can show. Effective business training must be part of a wider strategy and requires HR, L&D and training professionals to engage with stakeholders in different ways to ensure a tangible and sustainable return on training investment. This book, part of the popular ‘Financial Times Guide’ series focuses on how to do this. The book is divided into logical sections that look at the critical and practical success factors in the needs analysis, design, delivery and follow-up phases of implementing business training. Drawing on current best practice and packed with practical ideas and approaches, it is a must for any professional involved in designing and delivering training whether you are within an organisation or operate on a freelance or consulting basis.

The Leader’s Guide to Presenting:

Presenting is a critical part of a leader’s role. So often, we see leader’s deliver presentations that fall short in terms of their influence, that fail to engage the audience or create the commitment to action that they seek. The Leader’s Guide to Presenting is a practical ‘how to’ for leaders who need to design, structure and deliver outstanding presentations, often in ‘high-stakes’ situations where achieving the desired outcome is critical rather than just desirable. Ideally suited to experienced or new managers and leaders, whether presenting is an intrinsic or just occasional part of your role, this book is the only one you need on your shelf. In addition to giving general tips and tricks, the book also looks in more detail at some specific ‘high-stakes’ situations.

The C3 Model of Influencing™ Field Guide (eBook):

From the original research conducted for the best-selling Brilliant Selling book, emerged a highly practical model for effective influencers. Called the ‘C3 Model of Influencing™’, it identifies the three key aspects of interpersonal influence that can be developed to improve your ability to influence more effectively in any situation.

The book is available as an Amazon eBook and is formatted to provide a personal development guide for individuals at any level who want to develop their influencing skills using the model. Packed with information and reflective questions it enables you to focus on each of the three elements of the C3 model: Confidence, Credibility and Connection.

Chapter in “Business Development: A Practical Handbook for Lawyers”:

Tom has also contributed a chapter titled “How do you teach lawyers to do Business Development?” for a Professional Services specific publication called “Business Development: A Practical Handbook for Lawyers”.