Professional Services Firms (PSFs) face specific challenges in the areas of developing business, building client relationships and delivering effective presentations. Individual professionals often have to balance the need to deliver work with winning the work and managing and leading others. This takes place in an intellectually rigorous environment where pressure is high and, often, the focus is on ‘eat what you kill’.

Tom has significant experience and expertise in working with professionals in this environment. As a founding partner of the Møller PSF Group Cambridge, Tom has worked with senior fee earners to improve their performance. Whether through workshops or presentations at conferences, Tom’s focus is on delivering practical tools, approaches and techniques grounded in robust research that takes account of the unique environment and context of a professional firm.

Tom has worked with large international law firms, accounting firms and consulting practices in north and South America, Asia, Australia and Europe.

Examples of work delivered for PSF clients recently include:

  • Design and delivery of a 1 day business development workshop for law firm partners resulting in some immediate actions and wins;
  • Delivering a conference presentation to a global accounting practice on influencing your stakeholders;
  • Supporting the global rollout of a client relationship management approach for an international law firm to engage partners to take action;
  • Working in Asia to develop a senior associate population to become more proactive in building their profile and developing their personal network;
  • Designing and delivering a 2-day BD and influencing skills workshop for a south American law firm

Tom’s PSF and global experience brings credibility to his conference presentations and skills development workshops. Tom addresses the real challenges that fee earners face, focusing on the underlying mind-set that is often at the heart of performance in client facing areas of their work.

After years of hearing and seeing many attempts by consultants to pick apart and explain business development for lawyers to lawyers, Tom's presentation was easily the most crisp, concise and lucid examination of this topic. Hurrah.....finally someone gets it!

Senior partner at an international law firm

Tom recently delivered two days of training to a large group of partners from my firm's international practice on how to maximise the results of their BD activities. Tom is an engaging presenter who was able to cover a substantial volume of material over two days and which provided our team of partners with several very valuable insights and strategies to help them get more engaged with business development in general and also to advance their 'strike rate'. What was really notable was how well Tom engaged with a group of demanding law firm partners, kept them interested over two demanding days and how many of them went back to work and started immediately implementing the strategies he showed them to good effect. I would highly recommend Tom to any firm wishing to raise its game in business development, selling and establishing successful relationships with customers or clients.

Senior Partner at a global law firm